Exhibitions and energy conferences in Ho Chi Minh City 2018
Exhibitions and energy conferences in Ho Chi Minh City 2018

GW Solar actively participates in Vietnam International Solar Energy Exhibition in 2018

Recently, GW Solar participated in the 2018 Vietnam International Solar Energy Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Exhibition time: April 10-11, 2018

Exhibition location: Ho Chi Minh City - GEM


The Solar Show Vitenam is a new market opened by the Terrapinn Holdings Ltd. Convention and Exhibition Company in Vietnam.The solarshow series of exhibitions held by Terrapinn Holdings Ltd. in South Africa and the Philippines are the most influential solar industry event in the region.The exhibition is one of the most influential and also the largest solar exhibition in Vietnam. Local governments, state-owned energy companies, private companies, industry giants and financiers from Vietnam and other regions will all visit the exhibition.In 2018, the exhibition attracted more than 200 exhibitors and thousands of businessmen and professional visitors from many countries and regions.Its exhibition contents mainly include solar panel components, solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar heating, solar air conditioning, solar power generation systems, photovoltaic inverters, solar batteries, solar lighting, solar panels, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic lighting systems and products. , components and related production equipment, measurement and control systems, solar exterior and roof components, solar energy system control software; solar drying and desalination systems, solar water heating/cooling systems and solar water pumps, solar thermal engineering, software solutions to radiation data Solutions and service providers, solar street advertising lighting systems; photovoltaic power generation system engineering, solar heating systems engineering and renewable energy products and applications, solar energy engineering design solutions, and solar energy applications in the construction field.

Vietnam International Solar Energy Exhibition 2018 held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

At the exhibition, GW Solar received a number of global PV leaders from different fields in different countries of the photovoltaic industry, such as Huawei, Yingli i, PV distributor, Sigma Energy Consulting Corporation, SL, Sacombank Vietnam, the world-famous insurance company Marsh, and Korea's largest single-crystal battery supplier SHINSUNG E&G CO., LTD, etc., visited customers from the production of new types of solar cells, photovoltaic inverter supply, assembly of high-efficiency components, distributed Photovoltaic power generation projects, integrated power plant projects and other photovoltaic power generation throughout the production chain.

Receiving customers
Receiving customers
Receiving French customers

GW solar is a company specializing in the production of green energy products. The company has fully automated equipment and advanced MES management systems; it has a professional production management and training team. The corporate brand culture theme is: cooperation, mutual benefit, and win-win; GW SOLAR will provide customers with high-quality products and complete delivery of the customer's requirements on time at the most reasonable price. The core of GW SOLAR's corporate culture is that there are professional teams in each department, all are guided by customer requirements, pursue high responsibility, accompanied by technical supervision, and focus on the most minute details of the products, in a certain direction of the problem. Improve, continue to work hard, carefully build a variety of products to meet customer needs.The company's various departments regularly exchange work experience, share difficulties, and work together to solve the problem, and built the corporate soul of GW SOLAR teamwork.GW SOLAR's pursuit of rationalization of human and material resources is the greatest guarantee for customers' confidence in the company's products.In the past, the customer's trust and support gave the GW solar great encouragement and development protection. We promised to continuously improve and use the best service to win customers' eternal trust.

Elite team of GW Solar



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