Contest of the entire staff of the Company
Contest of the entire staff of the Company

      At 5.30pm on June 02, 2018, HCNS organized a tug-of-war competition for all employees of the company in the square of green wing solar technology co., LTD. Teams include teams from workshops, quality, equipment, warehouses and offices. This competition not only brings a very comfortable leisure activity to the staff, but also embodies the unity and positive spirit of the members of all participating departments. With such an encouraging spirit, things are more natural than ever. Everyone's laughter and warm applause encouraged teams from all participating departments to actively participate in the tug-of-war competition that reflected the collective efforts and efforts to win.


Preparation between the two teams before entering the competition
Moment of excitement, stirring up the movement between colleagues in Vietnam and China
Photos of the participating teams





      Hope that through such entertainment leisure activities, help to all the staff will be able to open doors, relaxation and enhance their collective sense of honor, department members together, work hard, and have good body. Every day is a day of dedication to your work. Every day is a day of joy and enthusiasm. May the green wing always have strong wings, shining in the high sky of world energy!


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